Bodhi (“enlightenment”):

the state of the awakened master, or buddha

The BODHI vision is to increase the health and well being of our community. Yoga can be a gateway to the higher Self. BODHI YOGA aims to provide a calm, gentle and warm space for your practice. Guiding and encouraging you to shed the “stuff” and gain the higher Self. Once the mind and breath are connected to the body, you are completing the BODHI mission.

“Find YOUR inner BODHI”


Michelle completed her RYS 500 Yoga training with Evolation Yoga in Tampa, August 2016. She is certified in hot, hatha, flow, yin and vinyasa yoga. She started Bodhi Yoga in January 2017 with ONE mission; to have MORE people do yoga! She currently offers classes in flow, yin, hatha, youth yoga (YAY), and yoga massage.
 Michelle introduced the YAY Program (Yoga for Active Youth) in the Summer of 2017. A program designed to help active youth increase their flexibility, strength & balance. It builds endurance & is great for team building. It is fun, interactive & combines partner yoga with an individual practice.
 Michelle’s goal is to teach yoga to as many people as possible. So that in time and with regular practice, practitioners can begin to experience one, if not many of the benefits that yoga provides.
She has a full team of well trained instructors waiting for you.  Each teacher bringing a different and unique offering to the yoga community. Come try! We may have something for you.

“See you on the mat”!