Meet our Team

Founder, Owner & Operator, Teacher
Michelle Lee
Michelle grew up in Kilbride, NL and moved to Mount Pearl at age 13. She played many sports all her life and believes it has shaped a lot of who she is today. A passion for teaching began early. She was a figure skating and hockey coach through her teenage years and early 20’s.
But it wasn’t until 2015 when Michelle stepped in the hot yoga room, that everything changed. She realized her purpose for being here on this earth. She had found her passion and everyday she aspires to give it away.
Join her on the mat for any reason you desire, she hopes it makes you FEEL something! Because THAT feeling will be the reason you will continue to take a seat on your mat!

“I hope you can find a practice here at the Bodhi studio, that makes you feel closer to your happiness. One that makes your body and mind feel good”

Much Love, Michelle


Our Teachers:

Nikki Spurrell

Nikki is a holistic wellness and sports enthusiast, who is currently transitioning from 12 years as a Mental Health & Addictions BNRN, into the province’s first credited Holistic Nurse Reiki Practitioner. She brings many self learned, and now certified, holistic practices that will support others on their awakening and wellness journeys. Yoga and meditation are a daily practice for her, (1000+ hours), and is honoured to bring her science plus spiritual approach to offer at Bodhi Yoga. Her goal is to help others step into their strength and personal power, by connecting back to the body and releasing negative programming of the mind.
Over the last 1 year +, Nikki has honed in on Ancient wisdom healings that are apart of her ancestral lineage, (as we all have innately within us.) These include: Indigenous practices, Celtic Druidry, Middle Eastern techniques, Traditional Chinese teachings, etc. Thanks to multiple Energy and Yoga Practitioners in NL, these spiritual gifts have been fine tuned along with extensive trainings and 60+ client sessions.
She has completed certificates in the following: Yoga Teacher Training for Trauma, Depression, and Anxiety. Sacred Womb Healing Hand Mudras Reiki I, II, Master Acupressure Reiki I, II, Master Advanced Meditation Teacher Quantum Healing Art Therapy for PTSD and CBT Professional Dowsing Subconscious Mind Programming Psychedelic Consulting She is excited to guide you through Yin Yoga classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, along with offering energy sessions week days and weekends.
Marie Baldwin

Marie took her first Bikram yoga class in 2008 in Moncton, NB. She instantly knew she had found something special. Nothing challenged and intrigued her like Bikram yoga! She was almost instantly hooked.
In 2010 she began working at a yoga studio, completed a 100-day challenge and saw a difference in all aspects of life. She felt so good that she wanted to share her passion with others. So in spring 2013 she did a 500-Hour Bikram Yoga training and has not stopped since. Her other trainings include; PyroPilates, Yin Yoga, Yin Yogassage, Rainbow Kids Yoga, 360 Fusion.
In Marie’s class you can expect an energetic practice, with a focus on precision, form and breath. She firmly believes that yoga is for every BODY and will work to help make your practice work for you. Come to class with an open heart and mind. Work hard, laugh and the rest will take care of itself. Welcome to our beautiful, amazing community Marie!
Nancy Hannaford 

Nancy is so excited to join the teaching family! She recently completed her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Certification with Yoga Teacher Training of NL: School of Hatha Yoga with Bobby Bessey & Meaghan Burridge, as well as continuing her studies in Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga with Authentic Movements. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge, unique approach, and sense of playfulness in her teaching style.
Nancy is also a Reiki Master Practioner, Singer, Actor, and animal lover. Her creativity, passion for the arts, and love of fluid movement is woven into all her classes; allowing for freedom of movement within the body and mind.
Laura Bass
Laura comes to us from British Columbia, where she has lived most of her life, and is returning to St. John’s with her two beloved dogs and kitty to pursue an MSc in Kinesiology.
She first stepped on the mat in 2004 and fell in love with the peace, compassion, and acceptance of self that came with the practice of yoga. As a former figure skater, she enjoys the flow and movement that yoga offers, exploring balance, strength and breath through each pose.
Along with the spiritual and mental balance that yoga brings to her life, she enjoys the lightness of yoga through playing and exploring new and challenging poses. Expect her classes to involve playful exploration, dynamic flow, curiosity, detachment from ego, and a theme of self love and non-judgement.
Laura completed her yoga teacher training at Tandava Yoga in the discipline of Kripalu, and her Acro certification through Acro Yoga International. She enjoys continuing her education through workshops around the country and the USA. She believes whole heartedly in lila- the divine play. She is passionate about community, connection, and the importance of joyous play and can’t wait to share space with you!
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